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Tom Sherrill, Kermit Chair owner

About Kermit Chair Company

The Kermit Chair was designed in 1984 by a BMW motorcyclist named Kermit. Kermit wanted a chair that was lightweight and portable enough to carry on his motorcycle, but sturdy and comfortable enough for long nights around the campfire. None of the chairs on the market satisfied him, so he took matters into his own hands and built a chair himself. Kermit’s friends noticed his chair during camping trips and BMW rallies, and before he knew it, the Kermit Chair was born. Word spread from there, and the Kermit Chair quickly became the premier camping chair for BMW motorcycle riders.

In 2003, longtime Kermit Chair enthusiast and BMW motorcycle rider Tom Sherrill heard that Kermit was ready to sell the company. Even though Tom was retired, he and his wife, Prudence, decided to buy the company and carry on the legacy of the Kermit Chair.

The chair continued to grow in popularity, and it eventually found its way to the car camping and overland communities in the US, Asia, Australia, and Europe. It remains a favorite of motorcycle riders, weekend family campers, and global adventurers alike, all across the world. After graduating college in 2011, Tom and Prudence's son, Miller, joined the family business. Working together, the Sherrills strive to provide campers and travelers everywhere with the finest products to make their journeys more comfortable, because quality and family are what is most important at Kermit Chair Company.

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