Camping Essentials Introduction



We at Kermit Chair Company are very proud to announce an entirely new part of our Store! In the Camping Essentials section, we are now offering items that we find ideal for camping as well as being excellent accessories for the Kermit Chair. We are currently offering six items in this new section of the store, and we hope in the coming months to add more items that we have found to be essential.

The Kermit Table – We are proud to finally offer the perfect companion table to the Kermit Chair. The Kermit Table is a roll-top table that disassembles and packs in a bag, much like the Kermit Chair. Handmade in Tennessee.

ROK Straps are flat, no-hook tie-down straps that are the only straps we use and recommend for packing anything on a motorcycle. Available in 2 sizes in black or hi-viz green.

Govino Wine Glasses – These packable and unbreakable plastic wine glasses are perfect for serving beverages outdoors. Comfortable to hold, and they fit great in the Kermit Cupholder.

Jetboil Cooking System offers the functionality of a gas stove with the convenience of a fully contained package. Optional Coffee Press accessory lets you make coffee quickly and easily.

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